(by logging on to the library computer you have agreed to comply with

the terms of this policy)


1.    Why does the Library provide public access computers?


·         Access to computers opens up equal opportunities including education, lifelong learning, increasing training, skills levels and employment whilst benefiting health, the community and the environment.



2.    Who can use the Library computers?




3.    What can you do on this computer?




·         Use of Microsoft Office suite which includes Word, Excel and Power Point. Please ask a member of staff if you’re not sure which one you need for your project.


·         Use of accessibility software along with trackballs and larger size keyboards



4.    Is Internet access filtered by Kirklees Council?


Yes it is, but

·         It doesn’t block all potentially ‘offensive’ sites and, it can also block some useful ones.  Some sites can be unblocked, ask a member of staff about this process.


·         You should be aware that Kirklees Council are not responsible for the quality, accuracy, legality or availability of information you may find on the internet.  Staff will help you to find sites suitable for your needs upon request.  However, Kirklees Council is not liable for loss, damage or injury whatsoever, whether direct or indirect, suffered as a result of using on-line resources.







5.    Here’s how it works   


·         The standard session is one hour. To be fair to all, staff may reduce or extend the time according to demand that day.


·         There is a charge for printing and this will be displayed nearby.  You can pay at the nearest counter.


·         Booking is advised in some locations at busy times.


·         You must not access material that is, or is reasonably considered by Kirklees Council, to be offensive, violent or obscene, or to download materials from illegal websites or to distribute such material.  The Library reserves the right to monitor and record the user’s access to sites with regard to content, block any inappropriate sites and where applicable to report to any relevant police or other authority in respect of any inappropriate or unlawful use of the internet by the user.


·         Some Internet resources may contain material of a controversial nature. The Council cannot censor access to all such material, nor protect users from potentially offensive material. It remains the responsibility of the user to determine what is appropriate.


·        You must be aware that you are working in a shared space used by people of all ages and respect the privacy of others by not trying to look at, or comment on, what they are viewing.


·         Parents or Carers of young people under 16 years of age must sign a form to authorise that person’s use of the Internet and are responsible for monitoring material that they access.


·        All users of IT must abide by all current relevant legislation and regulations including but not limited to legislation relating to Copyright, Data Protection and Obscene Publications and must comply with any copyright permissions and restrictions of the individual websites that you view.


·         You must not view live TV broadcasts streamed over the internet (libraries are not licensed for live TV transmission).


·        Your access to the internet is on a ‘self service’ basis and staff may not always be available to help you with searches, especially more complex ones.


·         You must not interfere with or damage equipment, amend or delete existing software or install any new software on the computers.


·         You must respect other Library users at all times and not interfere with their comfort in any way.


·         You must not use anyone else’s identification, barcode or pin, with or without permission, to sign up or log on to a computer.


·         Not to otherwise violate the Kirklees Library and Information Centres Acceptable Use Policy for Public Access Computers






6.    The following non-exhaustive list of conduct by a user shall be deemed to be Serious Misconduct


·         Viewing material that violates the law, this includes those regarding accessing, viewing, printing and distributing obscene[1] material or child pornography. It also includes material rendered illegal by Blasphemy Common Law, Race Relations Act (1976), Racial and Religious Hatred Act (2006) and the Terrorism Act (2006) or any other relevant legislation.


·         Hacking into the library computer system or any other computer system.


·         Mishandling, damaging or attempting to damage computer equipment or software or tampering with computer settings.


·         Interfering with Kirklees Council’s system operations, integrity or security.


·         Attempting to gain or gaining access to another person's files.


·         Displaying or printing materials that violate Kirklees council’s policies on racial and sexual harassment.


·         Engaging in any activity that is violent or deliberately offensive or creates an intimidating or hostile environment.


·         Failing to pay for printing.


·         Refusing or ignoring the reasonable requests of staff to give up a computer.



7.    Enforcement


·         Where any user is found to be in substantial breach of any of the terms of this policy Kirklees Council will issue an oral warning and issue a written warning on any subsequent breach, occurring within a period of 24 months, of the first breach, of any term of this policy.


·         If there is a substantial breach of any of the terms of this policy on a third occasion, occurring within 24 months of the previous breach, the user will be denied access to the library facilities for a period of up to 6 months at the discretion of Kirklees Council or for so long as any breach persists, whichever is the later.


·         In cases where there is Serious Misconduct, Kirklees Council shall accelerate commencement of the enforcement procedure to the issue of a written warning and reserves the right at its discretion to deny forthwith a user access to the library facilities and for any period in respect of any conduct by the user which Kirklees Council considers is sufficiently serious to warrant such exclusion.

[1] As defined by the Obscene Publications Act (1959)